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Somali NOC vice president dies.

The Somali National Olympic committee is mourning for the death of its vice president for regional development Hassan Ahmed Abdi who died in the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday afternoon according to a press statement by the Somali NOC Secretary General Duran Ahmed Farah which announced the sad news of the death.

The statement said that the late vice president was in a good health but suddenly died of a heart attack and high blood pressure at about 2:30 local time on Wednesday and was buried in Mogadishu hours later his death was announced at the Somali NOC headquarters in Mogadishu.

“It is yet another sad experience for the entire Somali NOC family members who are still remembering the painful deaths of former presidents of Somali National Olympic committee and Somali Football Federation Aden Haji Yabarow and Said Mahmoud Nur” the Somali NOC secretary General Duran Ahmed Farah said in his Wednesday’s press statement.

“On behalf of the Somali NOC family members I send our sympathy to his wife, children, relatives and colleagues who will be missing him from today—we believe that none one will remain in the world, but such sudden death is a great misfortune for the whole Somali people and in particularly the members of Somali Olympics” the Somali NOC secretary General noted in his press statement.

The book of condolence was launched at the Somali NOC headquarters in Mogadishu where hundreds have signed to deliver their condolence messages since the sad news came to light on Wednesday afternoon.

“With the death of Hassan Ahmed Abdi the Somali NOC lost the 3rd great volunteer in less than 10 months” the secretary General noted in his press statement.

The late Hassan Ahmed Abdi and the Somali NOC executive committee member Haji Mohamed Ahmed Olow survived, but seriously wounded in the suicide attack which killed former Somali NOC president Aden Haji Yabarow and former Somali Football Federation president Said Mahmoud Nur on April 4 2012. The NOC flew them to the UAE where they had received treatment for 7 weeks.

The Late Abdi had played a key role in the promotion of Somali Sports for the past 22 years of lack of a functioning central government in Somalia where sport was used as a tool of peace building and fight against terrorism and child soldiering.

That fruitful initiative which helped the disarmament of hundreds of former child soldiers was the main cause of Al-shabab ban on sport and their targeted assassinations against sports volunteers including journalists who covered the sport. They also termed football as ‘none-Islamic’

The Somali NOC members are sending their condolence messages to the family of the late NOC vice president: Those are.

1- Somali NOC president Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi
2- Senior vice president Ahmed Abdi Hassan
3- 3rd vice president Ibrahim Shamow
4- Secretary General Duran Ahmed Farah
5- Somali FA president Ali Said Guled Rooble
6- Somali FA Secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab.
7- Somali Handball Federation President Mohamed Hurshe Hassan
8- Somali Volleyball Federation President Prof Mohamed Ali Addow
9- Somali Basketball Federation President Ibrahim Hussein Ali
10- Somali Athletics Federation Senior Vice president Khadija Aden Dahir
11- Somali Boxing Federation President Hajji Mohamed Ahmed Olow
12- SSPA president Abdi Aziz Godah Barre
13- Somali NOC executive committee member Abokar Islow Hassan
14- Somali FA vice president Abdullahi Abow Hussein
15- Somali FA executive committee member Bashir Mahmoud Gesey
16- Somali FA executive committee member Ali Abdi Mohamed
17- Somali FA executive committee member Mustaf Elmi Afrah
18- Somali NOC executive committee member Omar Abdulkader Barajab
19- Somali Karate federation President Aweys Mohamed Abati
20- Somali Athletics Federation Secretary General Farah Ali Moalim
21- Somali FA referee development office Chief Abdi Abdulle Ahmed
22- Somali FA deputy Secretary General Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud
23- Somali NOC treasure Mohamed Abdow Haji
24- Former women’s national basketball team maker Hawa Sheik Tako
25- Wiish Academy chairman Amin Isse Bulhan
26- Somali FA administrative representative in UK Dr.Abdi Olad Rage
27- Somali FA coach in UK Abdirashid Islow Ahmed
28- Somali Table Tennis Secretary General Mire Sheik Omar
29- Somali Atheltics Federation vice president Abdullahi Mohamed Saney

Referees, coaches of national teams of different sports and players are also sending their sympathy to the family and relatives of the late Somali NOC vice president Hassan Ahmed Abdi who died and buried in Mogadishu on Wednesday January 9 2013.

By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar

Written By: Mohamud
Date Posted: 1/9/2013
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