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Jama Reveals Secrets of Creative Training & Decides Methods to Attain Achievements in Athletic Games

The Secretariat General of "H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Creative Sports Award" organized Tuesday 4th Jan. 2011 a workshop under title “The Creative Training” with massive participation of sportspersons , coaches , staff of sports clubs & corporations , specialists in the sports field from UAE & other Arab countries. The event was held in coordination with Al-Nasr Club.

The workshop was addressed by the World Somali coach Jama Mahmoud Aden who dealt the strategy he adopts to qualify sportspersons to attain Arab & international achievements according to scientific methods.

Mr. Mohammed Kahour the Director of Al-Nasr Club welcomed Mr. Jama Aden and appreciated his great achievements as he has coached several Arab sportspersons. Mr. Kahour extended thanks to Dubai Sports Council and confirmed the important role presented by the Council & "Mohammed Bin Rashid Creative Sports Award" to enrich the culture of creativity & to popularize successful creative experiences.

The workshop aims to popularize benefits among all staff of the sports sector in UAE.

Mr. Jama Aden inaugurated the workshop and stated: "To qualify sports champions you need talented sportspersons / qualified coach / a board with wide experience & long-term vision".

Mr. Jama emphasized the importance of continuous & intensive training sessions. He added: “Well-based training sessions are the key of success. There is no short way to attain success. My strategy is to involve players into intensive training sessions and to make them able to move smoothly and fast".

Mr. Jama summarized the main points he adopts in his training strategy as follows: biomechanical work to teach the correct way of running form, with economical movement in order to save energy. / training sessions for  racing pace or faster / changing the Rhythm / tactics and strategy / mood of the competition / concern and consideration of individual differences – examples for that are: Ismail (more Speed) &   Abu baker Kaki (more speed Endurance) / avoiding to try anything new during competitions / relationship between coach and athletes / realistic goals  (short terms and long terms goals) / leading the athlete to the appropriate direction / feed back (both Negative and Positive) / atmosphere / facilities.

He referred that UAE gives special consideration to the sports sector. It is to be mentioned that Mr. Jama served in UAE in the beginning of 90s. In spite of the fact that he left UAE to serve in other countries, he is permanently following news of UAE national teams and he has felt happy when the racer Omar Al-Salfa attained a bronze medal in the Asian Games Championship, held recently.  

Mr. Jama revealed that he has selected Abu Bakar Kaki since he was a junior racer, because Kaki is distinguished with the sportsperson’s characteristics who has ambitions to attain achievement once he has got convenient circumstances.

Part of the workshop was attended by Dr. Abdul Latif Bukhari the Member of the Secretaries’ Council of "H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Creative Sports Award" / Advisor Ahmed Al-Kamali the President of the UAE Athletic Association.

Mr. Jama is one of the Arab coaches who have proved eligibility in the international field. He has coached several Arab sportspersons and guided them to attain achievements; part of whom are: the world champion Abu Bakar Kaki / Ismail Ahmed Ismail who got the silver medal in Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 / Abdi Bili along with many other racers from Saudi Arabia & Kuwai. The Qatari Athletic Federation has accordingly called Mr. Jama and asked his services to select & qualify Qatari junior racers.

Source: Dupai Sports Council

Written By: Mohamud
Date Posted: 1/9/2011
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